Internet connectivity on-the-go

Internet connectivity on-the-go


Till recent years, spending time in the car means abandoning modern advances like Wi-Fi and iTunes and settling  for comparatively ancient technologies like satellite radio, in-dash CD players etc. As consumers are growing accustomed to having mobile Internet through their smart phones, more car buyers are seeking connectivity in their vehicles that will allow them to move seamlessly between their digital lives at work and home. It is estimated that in five years, nearly 25 percent of cars will be connected to the internet.

BSNL has launched its first WiFi enabled car in India last year. BSNL is supposed to be the first service provider to provide internet service in a car.  BSNL’s Indore division launched a Wi-Fi technology module for cars in April,2013 which will enable people to use internet while they are travelling. A WiFi antenna will be setup on the car which makes the user of the car to access internet while travelling. The internet speed is supposed to be around 3.5 Mbps.
Ford India has announced the launch of 2014 model year Figo in February 2014, with enhanced features including in-car Wi-Fi. Ford Figo was the first car in its segment to introduce Bluetooth connectivity and now it has set a benchmark by offering internet connectivity on-the-go.

In-car Wi-Fi lets drivers take the Internet along with them. In the future, cars may not only entertain us but could improve driver awareness and reduce distractions, and the advent of electric vehicles will forever change how automobiles connect with infrastructure. In fact, the next generation of automotive technology may employ automatic steering and braking systems that relieve drivers of much of the responsibility for, well, driving. And maybe 15 years from now, cars will drive themselves.

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