Know your driving

Know your driving


Today due to advancement in technology we are driving safer cars on safer roads. But inspite of these scientific developments  and safety features we still lose valuable lives in road accidents. Most of the accidents occur due to human error says the reports. Lets see what are the common mistakes we make and how we can avoid them.

1.Don’t Drive Drunk

Alcohol causes a number of impairments that lead to car accidents. The impairments caused due to alcohol intoxication in the blood includes,

- Reduced  reaction time and coordination

-Blurred or double vision

- Lowers inhibitions

 -Loss of consciousness

 And these can cause drivers to make wrong and inappropriate choices. It’s easy to avoid driving drunk. If you’ve been drinking, ask a friend for a ride or call a cab. If you’re planning to drink, make sure you have a designated driver.

  1. Do not talk or text during driving – Do not use cell phones

 A report says that the reaction time of a 20 year old becomes equal to that of a 70 year old when he is talking over phone while driving. So it is better to avoid using cell phones while driving.

  1. Do not drive when feeling sleepy

Even on a relatively straight highway, a sleeping driver will eventually drift off the road. 20 percent of all accidents have sleepiness as a contributing factor. Make sure you get a solid eight hours of sleep before a long drive. Hear music or keep chewing something to make yourself  alert when  you are on the wheel.

  1. Seat belts are safe belts

 Everyone has heard horror stories about people who were killed in bizarre freak accidents in which they’d have lived if only they hadn’t been wearing a seat belt. It’s very true. Seat belts not only save lives it also helps to reduce the damage caused due to accidents for vital parts of the body. Today no car comes without seat belt which itself indicates how mandatory is wearing seatbelts. Children should be buckled to the belts when going on long drive especially when they sit in the front seats which is better to avoid.

  1. Take extra precautions during rainy and winter season

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Never mix radial tires with other tire types.

Avoid using your parking brake in cold, rainy and snowy weather. Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface. Always look and steer where you want to go.

  1. Beware of idiots on road

Though we may drive safely, cautiously adhering to all traffic rules and regulations there are many who disobey the rules and act without road sense. When you turn to your left, even with your turn indicators on, do not rush and be careful as a two wheeler will overtake you  on your extreme left as if trying to squeeze through.

Though you have a green signal don’t  rush. See for yourself and then drive because people from opposite side don’t stop immediately when they see red  but proceed even before  they see green.

Make sure you check your mirrors and keep an eye on side streets so you’ll know which other cars are around you and how they’re driving. Don’t focus only on the road in front of your car — look ahead so you can see what’s happening 50 to 100 yards up the road.

7.Avoid aggressive driving

Aggressive driving  increases the risk of accidents. An aggressive driver intentionally aggravate other drivers, initiate conflict, use rude gestures or language, tailgate or impede other cars, or flash their headlights out of frustration. These behaviors aren’t just annoying, they’re dangerous.

Defensive driving incorporates the other tips shown here, such as maintaining a safe distance and not speeding, but remaining calm in the face of frustrating traffic issues is another major part of the concept. Accept small delays and  yield to other cars, even if you technically have the right of way.

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